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The Team

As mentioned on our home page, Romaco Ranch is a family owned and operated business. Which means that each family member has their own responsibility and job description which fits their own unique ability the best to work together towards a bigger picture.

Colin & Ellalien owners of the Romaco Ranches oversees all aspects of the business and all tactical + operational decisions need to be run by them for final say and authorisation before implementing it. Colin & Ellalien both studied at the Pretoria Technikon where they finished their Higher Diploma in Horticulture. Growing up in a home with a Nursery background it was only natural for Ellalien and Colin to start their very own Nursery. It is then that Plant Ranch was “born”. Today a very successful enterprise with branches in Centurion and Germiston.

From the beginning Ellalien had a passion for farming and wildlife and Colin supported her in every aspect, but it was only after the passing of Ellalien’s late father Jimie Malan that she could follow this passion and continue in her fathers footsteps of game farming.

Ellalien’s passion for game farming was also inherited by her three sons; Rodney, Malan and Colin. Who today is also part of the business- literally and figuratively as the game farming enterprise was named after them- ROMACO Ranch.

Rodney being the oldest brother is in charge of all maintenance and hunting on Romaco Ranch, and with his background with meat processing is leading Romaco’s newest venture Waterberg Natural Produce- a game meat abattoir which was build specifically to process the meat on the farm and later expand to import and export game meat of the entire industry. (more on this under WNP tab)

Malan having acquired his degree in “Veekunde” and his Hon Degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Pretoria, is in charge of animal well being, breeding camp management & record keeping as well as veld management on the entire Romaco Ranches. All of which no ranch can be successful without.

Colin the youngest sibling, having recently acquired his Bcom-Business management degree from the University of Pretoria as well as his Commercial Helicopter License, will soon be in charge of marketing and finances of RR and will start capturing Romaco’s own game with the use of the helicopter in the near future.

Other than the family members, dr. Louis Greeff does all of our Veterinary work for the past decade, and thus is asked for his help and opinion with all of our management processes.

And last but not least- No Ranch can operate without their full time farm labourers. At Romaco we have 20 full time employees, each of whom specializes in some aspect of Ranch work. As we believe being a jack of all trades means being a master of none, that is why we send our workers on extra training courses to enrich their knowledge of their specific field of work and helping our employees being the best they can be.