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Buffalo (East African ,Addo and Thaba Tholo bloodlines)

In the last few years there has been quite an on-going discussion in the industry about the different Buffalo bloodlines and the potential and risks involved with each one of these variety of bloodlines.

At Romaco Ranch we firmly believe in only East-African and Addo bloodlines which includes Madikwe en Thaba-Tholo Buffalo, as the results of these bloodlines speak for themselves.

Having started with Buffalo breeding in the early 90’s with her late father Mr. Jimie Malan, Ellalien and her father whom handpicked the best East-African and Addo cows that was available in the early 90’s and paid record prices to acquire these phenomenal genetics and start the breeding programme with these superior genetics from the word go.

Since the beginning Ellalien had an unmatched passion for Buffalo, and thus put in a lot of time, effort and financial resources to follow this passion

During the years Romaco continued to build on this passion, and umatched urge to breed the best Buffalo, and thus acquired some of the best genetics that was available over the past few years. Genetics such as Thaba-Tholo Buffalo, Buffalo from Pymat, imported East-African cows, Buffalo from Keta Private Game reserve and in 2009 paid the new SA Record price on Auction to acquire a Buffalo bull from Lumarie. (Horison's older brother)

Currently Romaco Ranch has over 100 buffalo in 5 different camps with 5 of the very best breeding bulls to ensure greatest genetic diversity. At Romaco we believe in quality over quantity  and thus close record keeping of all our animals are done, to ensure us making the best possible informed decisions by knowing the parents of all our progeny and the intercalving periods of all our females. All this information helps with the management of our herds, as well as enabling us to offer our buyers the best genetic diversity possible when selling our offspring.

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